April 3, 2012 - RCTC Introduces a Paperless Mobile Platform

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Rutgers Camden Technology Campus introduces a paperless mobile platform to help businesses easily exchange information

Camden, NJ--Rutgers Camden Technology Campus, Inc. (RCTC) today unveiled an initiative to help businesses easily exchange information with potential customers, funders, employees, and vendors. The initiative, called the RCTC Information Exchange platform, enables enterprises to conduct business more efficiently by helping to significantly reduce costs, paperwork and data entry processes.

“The RCTC Information Exchange platform is the first project of this type in the nation and will yield tremendous benefits for those using the platform to reduce paper usage and increase the efficiency of information exchange,” said Donta’ Bell, CEO of ApplyRapid, Inc.

The platform offers enterprises a profile stored in an online vault that is password protected. In its profile, the business can store records and other information. Under the initiative, the business also can create its own link, which is a custom requisition powered by a QR (Quick Response) code to request information from consumers and other businesses who hold password protected profiles. The RCTC Information Exchange, powered by ApplyRapid™, is easily accessible via mobile devices and the internet to update profile information and manage application submissions.

The ease of the information exchange with this platform is achieved through a four-step process: (1) scan, (2) review, (3) grant access and (4) track. For example, at a New Jersey Business Incubation Network conference, startup businesses may be invited to present their ideas to prospective investors and financial institutions. At the conference, the information exchange could occur this efficiently:

  • A startup business can simply scan the link (powered by a QR code) of a prospective investor and review the information required by the investor to apply for funding.
  • The business would click to grant the investor access to information it needs in the business’ online profile.
  • The investor can easily track the information that it has received from businesses at the conference and identify the most attractive investment opportunities.

Objectives of the RCTC Information Exchange platform include:

  • Connecting the local business community by issuing every business a plastic and virtual ID card containing a personalized QR code to quickly exchange information.
  • Providing funding sources, larger businesses and municipalities with a standard easy way to exchange information with local businesses.
  • Enabling businesses to register for and easily exchange information at conferences and similar events.
  • Eventually streamlining sales and purchasing transactions for those businesses with a cloud or web presence.

Together, the RCTC and ApplyRapid™ are focusing on delivering a real solution to businesses interested in improving efficiency, reducing cost and increasing profit margins. “As businesses face the daunting task of staying on track financially during a protracted economic downturn it is imperative that they explore solutions to curtail cost while boosting profit,” said Suzanne Zammit, Executive Director of RCTC. “The RCTC Information Exchange platform is one such solution.”

“The RCTC platform becomes the glue for every business to conduct information exchange. We feel that fundamental information exchange is the primary basis for any business. The ApplyRapid technology makes this possible.”

About Rutgers Camden Technology Campus, Inc.

Rutgers Camden Technology Campus, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c) (3) mixed use business incubator. Its mission is to attract, develop and retain new businesses for Camden, New Jersey. It provides subsidized rent, professional mentoring, business services and management assistance to emerging early-stage companies and their employees along with access to venture capital and other supportive services. In these ways it works to foster economic growth and business success in Camden and across the region. It is a member of the New Jersey Business Incubation Network.

About ApplyRapid, Inc.

ApplyRapid, Inc. is based in Camden, New Jersey and is planning to launch globally after the RCTC’s initiative and similar programs are implemented in New Jersey. ApplyRapid™ is a secured mobile and cloud-based profile repository platform that helps businesses and other enterprises easily exchange information with potential clients, funders, employees, and vendors. The platform allows information requestors (such as businesses or college admissions departments) to build custom requisitions (known as Links) to request information from information providers (such as consumers or students) who hold password protected profiles. The information provider is able to determine when and how information within its profile is shared with the information requester. The ApplyRapid™ technology is patent pending.

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